Female mathematics teachers 

affect the mathematics achievement 

of female students.

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JUST MATH increases student achievement using a successful role model.

JUST MATH role model:  Melanie Sittler, MSEd, MBA

Melanie’s most vivid memories of math as an adolescent are horrible. 

Can you imagine crying at the teacher’s desk...

In 8th grade...

All because you couldn’t calculate the percent of a number using proportions? 

And the teacher just kept repeating herself...

Over and over again...

But it wasn’t sinking in, no matter how many time she said it?

Instead of going to college for something she was interested in,

Or was good at,

Melanie conquered her fear of mathematics by obtaining a BS degree in MATHEMATICS from a Division I, Public Ivy League University - The University of Pittsburgh, Main Campus. 

Melanie holds Instructional and Administrative Certifications in: 
  1. Maryland 
  2. Pennsylvania

Melanie also earned a:

  1. Master of Science in Educational Leadership 
  2. Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Strategic Leadership

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