Testimonial specific to SAT preparation:

JUST MATH worked with my son, a high school senior, to prepare him for the SAT.  The highest math class my son took in high school was Trigonometry, during his junior year (He earned a "D" in Trigonometry).  After three sessions at JUST MATH, my son beat both the national and state averages on the math section of the SAT.  *It was his 1st time taking the SAT!  

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Testimonial specific to summer programs:

"We'd like to schedule another summer math program with you for XXXXXXX to prepare him for eighth grade Algebra.  XXXXXXX has been doing exceptionally well this year in Pre-Algebra -- I don't know exactly what or how you taught him to "Think Math" but it worked and we'd like him to have the same jump start for 8th grade as he did for 7th grade " 

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Additional testimonials:

“You won’t find more compassionate and flexible tutors that are willing to help in an instance! Can’t thank them enough for the skills learned and all the help succeeding in subject areas tough for many!”

Melanie made math fun for me! She knows all of the tips and tricks to navigating high school math - I highly recommend going to Just Math!”

Melanie is just wonderful! She is a wonderful role model for my daughters, she offers so much knowledge paired with encouragement and empathy. For kids who struggle with math consistently or even in just one or two aspects, Just Math is great! They really helped my girls through some tough spots, and I’m so happy to have found them!”

Just Math consistently provides the highest quality math tutoring that is individualized to each student. This is not a “cookie cutter” kind of instruction. Melanie and her staff have expertise and learning resources to help students master math skills in a way that is easily understood and not at all intimidating. I highly recommend Just Math for any student that is having challenges with math!”

Melanie and her staff have been a huge blessing to our family! The expertise and guidance that Just Math provides is fantastic. We have been frequenting Just Math for the past eight years! The scope of services is broad; Melanie has provided enrichment lessons from 1st grade to SAT preparation for our son. She has helped our children embrace math and motivated them to achieve their goals. Melanie gives personal attention to students. Unlike large educational franchises, she does not require contracts and grants flexibility needed for families. I would highly recommend Just Math to any family seeking remediation, enrichment or test prep for their child.”

“XXXX'X test grade appeared today on Edline; she got 100% on her chapter 5 test, taken Thursday. When I told her, she said in a matter-of-fact way, said “Yeah, I know. I missed one, but got the bonus point.” The little stinker didn’t bother to tell me when she got off the bus! Thanks for your help with this achievement."  

"Good news - XXXXXX earned a 90% on the recent Algebra II quiz. Thanks to you!" 

“The owner once struggled with math herself and her frustration drove her to conquer math. She knows firsthand how it feels when you just don't get it and that helped her over the years make a considerable difference in thousands of kids who would have been left behind.“

“I went there to get tutored in math. The tutor and owner, Melanie, is a very knowledgeable tutor and will be sure you understand everything! I recommend her to everyone who is struggling in math.“

JUST MATH is a fun and cool way to learn math. The instructors are friendly and have lots of experience. IF YOU NEED MATH HELP THIS IS THE PLACE YOU WANT TO BE!!!!!!!“

“What I love about coming to Just Math is that Melanie is a fun teacher, and she makes learning fun and it makes you want to learn more. She really teaches us a lot and I have learned a lot since I have been coming here. Melanie is always really funny“

“What I love about Just Math is that most of the stuff I am confused with they clear it up hahahaha Melanie and math really make a difference in math.“

“You get great one on one time with great teachers. Melanie explains everything in a way that is very easy to understand.“

Just Math is great. Melanie teaches everything so much better. Problems that I have no idea what I’m doing, she explains it so well.”

Just Math is great, I feel like I learn more here then I do at school. They give me confidence in my abilities that I never had before in math“


Melanie teaches and monitors his math progress. I can get back to being his Mom!“

“It is fun. I learn alot“

“My kids really respect Melanie and her dedication to the kids is amazing.”

“Owner is very knowledgeable about math and genuinely cares about all students struggling in this subject. Owner speaks at symposiums and special events to raise awareness.”

Melanie is an exremley kind and patient person. You could not ask for a more intelligent and helpful instructor who does everything she can to help!”

Just Math offers excellent direct instruction and application of math skills and concepts to help improve student achievment and generate confidence in math courses.“

“My daughter has always struggled with math. She has had numerous tutors over the years but none can compare to Melanie. Thanks to Melanie, my daughter now enjoys math and her grades have greatly improved.”

Melanie, owner of Just Math, is an intelligent, hard-working, good person that cares about her students and their families.“

Melanie has a great love of math and truly wants to help all children of all ages to understand and enjoy math just as she does. If you have someone who needs help with math and is struggling in school, this is the place to go.“

“My daughter was having a very rough time last year in Geometry class. Because of Melanie at Just Math, she got through the course and was more confident in her math skills. Thank you, Melanie!”

“My daughter was not confident in her math skills, looking to go to a Division 1 college. Just Math gave her ALL the skills to go off and continue her education with excellence! She now is a Sophomore with a 3.85 GPA on the Dean's List the past two Semesters!“

“This owner truly cares for the students of this community. She not only tutors the students but helps the parents around the school and state red tape. With this business it is not all about the money its about getting it correct.”

“The owner is creative, talented, and courageous. She will choose the path less taken if it means success for the students. While public schools taut "No child left behind" she picks up the ones who are and puts them back in the game.“

Melanie helped my daughter when she was enrolled in a High school to college Calculus class with Pitt. Melanie got her through the course & helped her ace it. My youngest has learned and retained the algebra with Melanie. She educates.”

“The teachers are great and they work hard to motivate the kids to study more higher level of math. My kids were learning at this institute, and they achived excellent progress.”

Melanie works hard to help students in ways other tutoring centers can't. She provides individual attention and closely follows the schools curric. she works with parents to inform them about standarized testing and how to help their children learn.”

Just Math is a business that reaches out to the help the community through it's work with students, parents, and the local school system. Melanie is innovative in her methods and strategies for teaching math. She makes a difference!”

“Both sons have been tutored. My 12 year old struggled the previous year and was tutored during the summer. His confidence was increased so that when he started the new school yaer, he did well. My oldest received SAT tutoring and found it helpful.“

Just Math is a far cry from just a local business. It provides a very customized, and hands on learning program for students of the community. Math can be a very challenging area for our young people, but Melanie finds a way to have it "make sense."

“Personalized instruction with great care to meet the individual needs of students. Utilizes methods of instruction that work! Melanie is a superior educator. Very accommodating as far as hours and availability.”

Just Math caters to each child's specific needs and learning levels with uniquely designed programs that are fun for the kids too.“

Just Math offers a unique array of services & customizes learning to fit the needs of the clients. Melanie's passion for math & teaching benefit my child. She has educated us on how to best advocate for our son! She is capable of great things!“

Just Math works with schools and teachers to raise the level of instruction and student abilities in the field of math studies, many times working with limited budgets.”

JUST MATH provides a much needed loving care to our learning system by providing instruction, materials, professional development & educational consulting services to students, parents, teachers, administrators & organizations. Keep up the GREAT Work Melanie!!”

“The owner of this business truley loves math, and she was able to convey this love to our daughter in the first visit! The confidence that our daughter is gaining in her math skills is wonderful.“

“To a teacher that is always thoughtful, kind creative and open minded. To a teacher that can inspire youth too become the greatest singer, athlete, math wiz, reader, a great spanish speaker, scientist, speller and a history knower. All of your encouraging made me become a new person…god made you special…and I think so too. Thanks a lot!!!”

“I used to hate math but now I love it. Thank you for being a great teacher.”

“Question: What do you like about this class?
Answer: Melanie

“Hi Melanie,
Thought you’d like to see this update from XX.XXXXXXXX Thank you for your dedication to teaching XXXXXX! I truly appreciate your abilities!!!! For XXXXXX to go from an F to a high C is remarkable!”

“You were the best teacher I ever had because you helped me I ways other teacher’s couldn’t. Thanks for great times.”

“Thank you so much for somehow providing a 360 degree turn for XXXX about the tutoring tonight. He can’t wait to come back next week, and has a completely different attitude from when we left to come to see you tonight. Good hunch on the “small group” work with him, it made the world of difference. He didn’t get bored at all, and really enjoyed it. Sometimes all it takes is just an attitude adjustment and some additional confidence to really excel at something. This may just really be the key we were looking for with him! Thanks again, and we will see you next week.”

“Thank you!! I wanted to let you know that she came out of class with a big grin on her face and can’t wait to come back – she had a great time!!!”

“Thank you Melanie,
I am encouraged by XXXXXX’s attitude about the tutoring. You are good with him. Thank you. See you next week.”

“I just finished speaking with XXXXX XXXXXXXX concerning XXXXXX. Ms. XXXXXXXX reports that XXXXXX seems to be doing much better and is quite positive about her doing much better this 9-weeks. She feels that the work done with the tutor is making a difference. Ms. XXXXXXXX also indicated that she is in frequent contact with the tutor….Ms. XXXXXXXX suggested the following: XXXXXX continue to work with the tutor.”

Good job! XXXX loved last week and is looking forward to coming again this week.”

“Hello Melanie,
XXXXXXXX had a great report card, 92 in math!!! Her teacher did notice a difference in her confidence level…So thank you!”

By the way, she told me she’d rather do math with you and skip chess!”

XXXXXX was telling me how much more she understands her math today and how she wishes you taught her math class.

“We appreciate your time and all the hard work you have put in…Keep being a person who gives all that they have to encourage and build up those around you. Don’t ever quit being a teacher, coach and friend to your students. You have encouraged us to follow in your footsteps in all that you have taught us.”

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