Build Your Dream Job!

I'm one of four kids.

We are all about 1.5yrs apart in age.

I have vivid memories of my mom:

▪️ Working full-time

▪️ While raising four kids

▪️ While attending college at night

I have vivid memories of my dad:

▪️ Working 3 jobs

My mom and dad did everything they could so that my siblings and I could:

▪️ Get a good education

▪️ Have a rewarding career

▪️ Provide for ourselves

Life was going as I had "planned" for myself.

Until it didn't.

On a random Thursday night in August,

I was met with police on my doorstep.

My husband had been killed by a drunk driver.

Just. Like. That.

My whole world was shattered.

The Plan:

▪️ Married.

▪️ Children.

▪️ The straight and easy path from classroom to retirement with a guaranteed pension.

The (sad) Reality:

▪️ Tomorrow is no guarantee.

▪️ Make the best of today.

So I ask you:

Are you having the best "today?"

Do You Get To Wake Up Everyday And:

▪️ Do what you want?

▪️ When you want?

▪️ How you want?

Do You Have Total Control of Your Own Finances?

If Not,

"Build Your Dream Job" is for you.

What is "Build Your Dream Job?"

I started JUST MATH over 18 years ago!

I had:

❌ No support

❌ No encouragement

❌ No experience

That sucked.

Think You Can't Build Your Dream?

Think again.

Ignore all the naysayers (I'm surrounded by them, too)

Don't Waste Time Scouring the Internet for How To:

▪️ Start a business from scratch

▪️ Start and grow a business 

▪️ Start a business online


Because You'll Likely Stumble Upon Information on How To:

▪️ Start a business from scratch

▪️ Start and grow a business 

▪️ Start a business online

From Someone Who Has: 

Never. Started. Or Grew. A Business. From Scratch.

Get off of the internet.

You Can Get My 18+ Years Experience (the good, bad and ugly!)


"Build Your Dream Job" is my signature program.

"Build Your Dream Job" includes:

✅ Personalized 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring

Why Personalized 1-on-1 (instead of a group/cohort)?


▪️ Your dream has needs and goals specific to YOU. 

▪️ Your dream deserves targeted support,

And not generic advice/resources that can be applied to a group.

▪️ Achieving your dream requires a coach & mentor dedicated to YOU and YOUR dream.

Call me selfish, 


Helping YOU achieve YOUR dream is my dream.

The best way to do that,

Is 1-on-1.

On days,

At times,

That work for YOU.


It's not rocket science.

Think about it:

▪️ How are you supposed to be focused on your dream,

If the days/times to work on your dream aren't ideal for YOU?

▪️ How can YOU get all of the attention (like that newborn baby or puppy)...

If you're sharing "our" time with a group of other people...

Who have other dreams?


It's not rocket science.

Think about it:

In a group setting,

Does the Whole Group Want to Do:

▪️ What they want

▪️ When they want

▪️ However they want

All the same way?


That's why "Build Your Dream Job" includes,

Personalized 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring

What Else Does it Include?

✅ Over $2500 worth of tools to start and grow your dream 

Why tools?


▪️ You and your dream deserve to hit the ground running!

In my opinion,


There's nothing worse than learning how to do something...

Learning why it's such a do-or-die thing for you...

And then find out you have to BUY something...

In order to implement what you just learned.


That sucks.


As your coach and mentor,

You will not only learn why and how to use certain tools,

You will gain access to the tools.

Over $2500 worth of tools... 

At. No. Additional Cost. 


Over $2500 worth of tools can help alleviate some of the financial burden,

That many associate with starting and growing their dream.

Take Control of Your Life TODAY.


Because You Deserve To Wake Up Everyday And:

▪️ Do what you want!

▪️ When you want!

▪️ How you want!


You Deserve To Control Your Own Finances (and not rely on someone else)

Start Building Your Dream TODAY.

Tomorrow is no guarantee.