Whether serving as President & CEO of JUST MATH or as a partnering organization to The Learning First Alliance (LFA-PA), one mission remains constant: Melanie Sittler, MSEd, MBA's desire and ability to develop and support others so that their educational preparation and their career ambitions are aligned.  

Although JUST MATH headquarters is located at 5047 William Flinn Highway, Gibsonia, PA 15044, 

JUST MATH services are offered across the United States - not just across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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One of Sittler’s (published) successes include the citing of her work in Pennsylvania’s Phase 2 Race to the Top application: During the 2008-2009 school year, Sittler served as a contracted Mathematics and School Leadership Cluster Leader for an affiliate of the National Center on Education and the Economy Americas Choice. Consequently, the eight (8) schools that received on-site technical assistance in the areas of school leadership and mathematics from Sittler: 
 Showed increases in student achievement at the advanced level in mathematics that that were 3.5 times greater than the school district as a whole.
 Showed growth in proficiency in mathematics equal to 2-3 times greater than the remainder of the district.
 Students posted percentage point reductions in below basic double the district reduction in below basic in math.

(Source: Pennsylvania Race to the Top, CFDA # 84.395A).

Melanie Sittler, MSEd, MBA continues to offer leadership support to help families and organizations realize their goals.

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In response to the growing demand for online learning, Sittler served as the contracted Director of Curriculum and Instruction for an education management company that creates cyber schools for school districts. While serving in this role, Sittler formed working partnerships with public schools and informal education providers to help them establish and maintain their own cyber schools and blended learning programs. Though leaving this role, Sittler continues to support effective and efficient teaching and learning in the online environment through a variety of support services for families and organizations.

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Sittler's experiences in and beyond the K-12 school system enables her to have access to resources which many are unfamiliar. Her active involvement in the political arena of education has, and continues to afford her the opportunity to navigate the political trail for the betterment of education organizations and the families she supports.

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