• JUST MATH president and CEO, Melanie A Sittler's work was cited  in Pennsylvania’s Phase 2 Race to the Top application: 

During the 2008-2009 school year, Melanie worked with eight schools. 

Ø      Schools showed increases in student achievement at the advanced level in mathematics that that were 3.5 times greater than the school district as a whole.

Ø      Schools showed growth in proficiency in mathematics equal to 2-3 times greater than the remainder of the district. 

Ø      Students posted percentage point reductions in below basic double the district reduction in below basic in math.

  • JUST MATH president and CEO, Melanie A Sittler, was named to the Mars Area School District (MASD) Comprehensive Planning Committee.
  • JUST MATH president and CEO, Melanie A Sittler, was named to the Board of Directors for the Mars Area School District, Mars Planets Foundation
  • In 10/21/2011, JUST MATH was informed that one of its students beat both the national and state averages on the math section of the SAT.  The high school senior took the SAT on 10/1/2011 for the 1st time.  The highest math class the student took at school was trigonometry, junior year.  JUST MATH worked with the student 3 times prior to the 10/1/2011 SAT!
  • Effective July 2010, JUST MATH president and CEO, Melanie A Sittler, served in the role of Director of Curriculum and Instruction for a company that creates cyber schools for school districts.
  • In January 2010, JUST MATH president and CEO, Melanie A Sittler was invited to provide support to approximately eight (8) secondary schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma- to help school leaders and classroom teachers implement, and monitor implementation of, an instructional improvement program that is intended to improve high school students' college readiness.

Since 2005, JUST MATH has been helping  public/private/charter schools, nonprofit organizations and universities increase student achievement in mathematics. 

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